What is Rush & Cash?

In Rush & Cash, players have 4 different Ante to choose from, ranging from $0.02 to $2. Once the 'Join' button is clicked, players are seated at random - no hassle, no fuss, just automatic seating. 


From then on Rush & Cash plays just like regular Hold'em, except that players will have the option to click on the 'Quick Fold' button. 'Quick Fold' instantly whisks you away to a very new table, full of new opponents. Think of 'Quick Fold' as a fast-forward option that allows you to watch the best parts of your favorite TV series, without having to sit through commercials and other filler.

Cash Drops (65% Rakeback)

We have added the Cash Drop feature to Rush & Cash At the start of some hands, selected at random, chips will drop on to the table. Drop amounts will vary (from 5 Antes to 500 Antes); smaller amounts will go into the pot inducing more action, while larger amounts will be divided and added to every player's stack right away as a straight-up reward. This, in the long run, will result in a flat 65% Rakeback for each and every player.


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