Blade Series (April 14-21)

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

In a world where the nefarious forces of bad beats, coolers and tilt lurk behind every corner, there is one shining light; one beacon of hope; one path to glory. Only those who are strong enough to wield the divine power of BLADE are worthy of the endless riches that await at the end of the journey...

BLADE Series takes place on April 14-21, featuring 8 full days of psychological warfare and duking it out on the cyber felt. Many will try and many will fail. However, it has been foretold that the chosen few that manage to channel their inner BLADE by slicing the competition, vanquishing their foes, and surviving this high-stakes, cut-throat adventure, shall be showered with $11.5mn in prizes, if not more.

Full schedule with notable events highlighted below.

Take your best swing at the competition with BLADE Series on April 14-21. Eternal glory and endless riches await.

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