$100K AoF Race

$100K AoF Race picks up where $100K AoF Festival left off - by heaping rewards on those who can't get enough of smashing that little red button!

As the name suggests, this is a race, so those that put in the most hands will pull ahead of the pack and scoop up the biggest prizes.

How does $100K AoF Race work?

  • Play as many AoF as humanly possible in the month of April

  • Points are awarded for AoF hands that go to showdown

  • Work your way up the leaderboard, and get a slice of the $100K in prizes

What else do I need to know?

  • Points differ by blinds (see table below)

  • 3 or more active players must be seated, in order for hands to be eligible for points

  • Winning or losing the hand is irrelevant for earning points - so long as you go to showdown

  • Points multipliers are available on select days (see table below)

Points / Hand

Points Multipliers

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