$100K AoF Festival

Our All-in or Fold Tables are famous for being the most simple, fast-paced, and thrilling game in all of Poker. As the name suggests, this innovative variant is a 4-handed shove-fest consisting of only 2 possible actions: All-in... or Fold.

However, don't let the beautiful simplicity of the game detract from its underlying complexities, for AoF is equal parts Push Fold Charts, Game Flow, Table Dynamics, and Steely Nerves.

In addition to our ¥680,000 Rush & Cash Festival, our second Network Promotion for the month of March involves this elegantly structured game. It can be enjoyed by both AoF aficionados and newcomers alike, at either of our Hold'em and Omaha AoF Tables, across all AoF stakes. Best of all, $100,000 in Cash Prizes are up for grabs!

So without further ado, we proudly present $100,000 AoF Festival!

How does $100K AoF Festival work?

  • Play at ANY AoF table of your choice, regardless of variant and stakes

  • Once you hit a Hand Requirement, you will be auto-registered to an AoF Festival Tournament

  • Watch the crazy AoF Tournament action unfold and receive instant cash prizes

What are AoF Festival Tournaments?

These are prize pool guaranteed all-in shootouts, offered daily and weekly. Every hand, every player is all-in until a winner is decided. Once you have hit your hand requirements and have been auto-registered, Client log-in and Table activation aren't even required to participate in these Tournaments. Just sit back, and shove your way to victory!

What are the Hand Requirements?

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