Rush & Cash: 65% Rakeback!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

On February 27, Rush & Cash makes its way to GGNetwork. So what's so special about Rush & Cash? How about 65% instant Rakeback. Try lowest rake in the industry. And why not give all players an equal shot at these rewards? If all this is sweet music to your ears, Rush & Cash is just the game for you.

Rush & Cash is the next evolution of Chinese Rush. The elements unique to Chinese Rush, which made it a household hit in China, remain intact: high-octane, fast-fold poker and CNY-denominated chips. Where Rush & Cash outdoes its predecessor is the addition of Cash Drops - randomly chosen sums of money showered onto the table, which is sure to lead to bigger pots and produce all types of interesting table dynamics.

Cash Drops rain down from above

What makes R&C so special?

65% Rakeback: No loot boxes, no spinning wheels, no missions to complete. Plain and simple, 65% of R&C rake is distributed back to players in the form of intermittent Cash Drops. These Cash Drops range anywhere from 5BB - 500BB and are either added to the pot or each player's chip stacks.

Lowest Rake: So how much is Rake exactly? Rush & Cash plays with a Button Blind (BB) and an ante, with Rake constituting a mere 1/5 of the BB. Couple this favorable Rake structure with 65% instant Rakeback and R&C can safely lay claim to having the lowest Rake in all of Poker.

Equitable Distribution: Cash Drops are injected without warning into the upcoming pot, providing all seated players with an equal opportunity chance to get their hands on this extra juice. What's more, every so often, 500 BB will rain down from above and automatically be added to each player's chip stack, meaning players won't even need to win the pot in order to claim their share of this amazing value.

What else do I need to Know?

BB + Ante: Instead of the typical 2 blind structure, R&C plays with a mandatory ante, paid by all seated players, along with a Button Blind.

3 Stakes: R&C will initially be offered across 3 stakes: ¥0.10, ¥1, and ¥10, with more stakes to be added in the near future. Buy-ins and Rake are as show below.

CNY: Same as Chinese Rush, R&C plays in CNY and all player balances will automatically be converted into and from CNY, at the prevailing market rate, at no additional cost.

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