Bad Beats of the Day

We all know the crazy, twisted game of Omaha is a true gambler's game, and the strength of your hand is forever at the mercy of that mercurial, next board card... We're all familiar with this one: you flop top set (*bingo*)... turn a boat (*cha-ching*)... only to lose to a 1-outer Royal Flush on the river (*HULK SMASH*).

Whereas such situations would ordinary call for a rage-fueled scream, if not a hurl of the mouse, for the month of February, it will be cause for celebration.

Fresh on the heels of Omaha High-Roller Club, we are proud to announce our February Network Promotion: Bad Beats of the Day. In a nutshell, we will be dishing out $2,000 everyday to that day's biggest Omaha losers. No longer will nightmare flush over flush scenarios and river 1-outers be the bane of your existence.

For the month of February, let us alleviate you of the agony of crushing coolers and horrific bad beats with a daily dose of $2,000.

Bad Beats of the Day Overview

  • Promotional Period: Feb 1 00:00 ~ Feb 28 23:59 (UTC+0)

  • Prize: $56,000 = $2,000 x 28

  • Leaderboard Criteria: Lose pot with Q-high flush or better at Omaha tables

  • Paid-out: Top 20 Bad Beats everyday

Bad Beats of the Day Jackpot

How is Leaderboard ranking determined?

  • Players make the Leaderboard by losing with a Q-high flush or better at any of our Omaha tables

  • Leaderboard rankings are determined in the following order

  • Hand Rank: stronger losing hands take precedence

  • Size of the pot: bigger pots take precedence

  • Time of the Bad Beat: earlier Bad Beats take precedence

What else do I need to know?

  • Only hands that go to showdown between 2 players count

  • Hands run more than once in all-in situations do not count

  • Only hands played at our Omaha Cash Game Tables count

  • Prizes will be distributed and the Leaderboard reset everyday at 00:00 (UTC+0)

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