January Honeymoon

We consider our relationship with our players one akin to matrimony. Once a player decides to engage themselves with the Network, we are fully committed to providing them the best poker experience we can, until death do us part.

In doing so, part of our responsibility is to ensure players are fully aware of our capabilities, both in terms of Games and Features. This is where our Honeymoon promotion comes in. New users to the Network will embark on a 30-day journey, with stops on the way allowing them to get familiar with the vast GGNetwork experience. The best part is, not only will this journey be fun and educational, we have also made it highly lucrative!

While the Honeymoon promotion is exclusively for new players, for a limited-time only, we are offering a January Honeymoon, available to all players!

How does the Honeymoon promotion work?

  • Players will be given a simple daily mission to complete

  • Missions will be spread out over Hold'em, Omaha, AoF, Tournaments, and Chinese Rush

  • Earn various rewards for successfully completing missions

What are the Rewards?

  • 3 missions: 1x Omaholic $1 ticket

  • 5 missions: $2.50

  • 7 missions: 1x T$ Builder $4 ticket

  • 15 missions: T$12.50

  • 20 missions: $20

  • 25 missions: T$110

  • 30 missions: $150

What are some sample Missions?

  • Hold'em: Show your hole cards after winning the hand

  • Omaha: Play 50 hands

  • AoF: Win the hand with a flush

  • Tournaments: Stake someone for at least 10%

  • Chinese Rush: Win a hand after posting a straddle

Who's eligible?

  • All new players to GGNetwork

  • All players during the month of January!

So clear your January schedules and let us whisk you away on an unforgettable Honeymoon. Get to know what we have to offer, while being rewarded for it? Sounds almost too good to be true.

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