GGS Wrapup

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

As the inaugural GGS winds down, we take a quick second to reflect on the past 15 days of non-stop MTT action. No long-winded prose, no screenshots, no hyperbole this time. Just the cold hard facts.

GGS By the Numbers...

  • Total prize pool: $4,571,196

  • Total guarantee: $3,520,000

  • Largest single prize: $375,601

  • 26,975 entries to 129 events

  • Number of +$50K prizes: 13

  • Largest overlay: $5,776

As expected, fields were huge, countless bankrolls were fattened, and guarantees were smashed. Suffice to say GGS delivered on its lofty expectations, and then some.

The undeniable success of GGS only ups the ante for next time. Stay tuned.

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