GGS Day 1 Highlights

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Hot off the Press! Day 1 of 'Good Game Series' is in the books, and boy was it one to remember. Fields were deep as the abyss, guarantees were obliterated, and almost $800,000 in prizes were dished out, including a walloping $158,077.19 1st place prize for GGS #008.

Read on to get the scoop.


Day 1 of GGS saw a total of $792,608 in prizes dished out over 11 events and 2,649 entries. In other word, the combined guarantee of $612,000 was demolished, thrown to the wayside, and smashed to dust to the tune of +$180,608.

$792,608 dished out on GGS Day 1

11 for 11

If you thought the above stat of $792,608 in prizes was impressive, how about this one - 11 for 11. To be specific, all 11 of yesterday's GGS guarantees were met and surpassed. Chalk it up to savvy marketing by our partners, impeccable tournament planning, or a testament to the quality of our tournaments/software. Whatever the case may be, we batted a perfect 11 for 11 without having to rely on such gimmicks as ridiculously long late registration periods, inflated guarantees, and props. *Bang* *Bang*

Case in point: GGS #004 surpasses its guarantee by 94%!

Super High Roller

We all know by now that GGNetwork is Home to the High Rollers. Yesterday's 'GGS #008: Super High Roller $250K GTD' further cements this bold claim. Over a riveting 5 hours 3 minutes and 24 seconds, GGS #008 saw:

  • $158,077.19 awarded to 'BMGFT' for snatching the trophy

  • $378,300 in prizes paid out to 6 Super High Rolling sickos

  • $250,000 guarantee easily being surpassed by +$128,300

  • 39 entries by some of the best of the best in the game

Congratulations to BMGFT for scooping the $158,077.19 up top

Ongoing Tournaments

With GGS firmly entrenched in the spotlight, it could have been easy for our ongoing tournaments to get lost in the shuffle. This couldn't be further from the truth however, as our non-GGS tournaments, firmly benefited from the attention brought by GGS. This includes our recently launched Black Series.

GGS is the rising tide that lifts all boats

Thus concludes our roundup of Day 1 of GGS. Thank you to all the players and of course our partners that contributed towards making Day 1 the resounding success that it was.

1 down, 14 to go. Don't miss out!

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