Omaha High-Roller Club $45,000 Giveaway

Sick of all the GGS-focused content we've been shoving down your throats lately? Well, Omaha enthusiasts can rejoice, as we have a very, very special Omaha promotion coming your way. On November 16, for a limited time only, we will be running 'Omaha High-Roller Club'.

What is Omaha High-Roller Club?

From November 16 to December 1, alongside GGS, we will be shining a spotlight on our 'Omaha Featured Tables'. These tables are known for their insane action, gigantic pots and high entertainment value. They even have their very own custom font in the client, as well as custom tables.

And unlike some other Poker Rooms that immediately come to mind, these games actually run around-the-clock, and aren't just placeholders in the Client Lobby. In order to show our appreciation to our High-Rolling Omaha contingent, as well as spark some friendly competition, we will be giving away a whopping $45,000.00 in tickets to Premium GGS Events to the 5 most prolific Omaha High-Rollers.

Don't get it confused - 'Omaha High-Roller Club' is not an exclusive one by any means. Anyone with chips to spare, a deep passion for The Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha, and a screw-it-I'm-all-in mentality can participate and thrive. Where you at Aussie Matt?

What Can I Win?

5x tickets to Premium GGS Events worth a combined $45,000.00 are up for grabs. Up top is a 'Super High Roller $500K GTD' ticket worth a cool $25,000.00, and 2nd through 5th places are awarded 'High Roller $250K GTD' tickets worth $5,000.00 for their efforts.

How Does the Promotion Work?

  1. Play Omaha at our Featured Tables

  2. Rack up HRC points

  3. Check the HRC Leaderboard to track your progress

  4. The top 5 HRC point-getters are awarded a combined $450,000.00 in Premium GGS Event tickets

1 HRC point is equivalent to $0.01 rake generated at the 'Omaha Featured Tables'. Again, only hands played at 'Omaha Featured Tables' count towards the 'Omaha High-Roller Club' promotion. Our 'Omaha Featured Tables' cover 4 blinds:

  • $20/$40

  • $25/$50

  • $50/$100

  • $100/$200

The top 5 finishers will be auto-registered into the aforementioned Premium GGS Events, and will not be able to refund their tickets.

The action at our 'Omaha Featured Tables' has been fast and furious as of late. 'High-Roller Club' is our way of both celebrating the Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha and further stoking action.

With Super High-Roller and High-Roller tickets worth $45,000.00 on the line, the question Omaha enthusiasts need to ask themselves is, am I a Omaha High-Roller or a Omaha Super High-Roller?



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