Introducing... Chinese Rush

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Love the beautiful game of No Limit Hold'em but can't stand the idling in between hands? Fortunately, we have just the answer - on November 26, we will be launching 'Chinese Rush', our unique take on fast-fold Hold'em, so that you will never have to wait for a hand again. No more spacing out in between hands, and waiting an eternity for premium holdings. Just 'Quick Fold' and enjoy the game in its purest form.

What is 'Chinese Rush'?

On November 26, 'Chinese Rush' will be made visible in the client via its very own tab. Players will have 6 different blind levels to choose from, ranging from ¥0.1 / ¥0.2 to ¥5 / ¥10. Once the 'Join' button is clicked, players will be seated at random - no hassle, no fuss, just automatic seating.

From then on Chinese Rush plays just like regular Hold'em, except that players will have the option to click on the 'Quick Fold' button. 'Quick Fold' instantly whisks you away to a very new table, full of new opponents. Think of 'Quick Fold' as a fast-forward option that allows you to watch the best parts of your favorite TV series, without having to sit through commercials and other filler.

No more dozing off in between hands, no more zoning out, no more waiting for disconnected opponents. Just the most exciting parts of Hold'em strung together to make for a no-fat, no-filler, fast-paced and action-packed experience. 'Chinese Rush' will truly make you feel the Rush of Hold'em.

Why is it called 'Chinese Rush'?

Ever since the huge popularity of '金龙', our Chinese demographic has been clamoring for a Cash Game equivalent - another game denominated in CNY that caters to Chinese preferences. With short-handed play sweeping the nation, we have made 'Chinese Rush' 6-max, and added the 'Quick Fold' button.

This action-packed version of Hold'em is sure to be huge hit with the Chinese population. Just as '金龙' has been a way to tap into the Chinese MTT player pool, Chinese Rush is bound to be populated with Chinese Cash Game enthusiasts.

What are the Blinds?

'Chinese Rush' features 6 blind options. The blinds options, same as the games, are denominated in CNY, Chinese Yuan. Buy-ins will automatically be converted into and out of CNY at the current market rate.

  • ¥5 / ¥10

  • ¥2 / ¥5

  • ¥1 / ¥2

  • ¥0.5 / ¥1

  • ¥0.2 / ¥0.5

  • ¥0.1 / ¥0.2

Hold'em was always meant to be a fast-paced game. With Chinese Rush you can enjoy the game in its purest form - unadulterated, and with no filler. Come November 26, Feel the Rush with Chinese Rush.



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