Home to the High Rollers

From the onset, we have made a name for ourselves in the Poker scene, on the back of several things we pride ourselves on: our cutting-edge features, slick UI, healthy player ecology, and innovative Network promotions. Now, we can confidently add one more item to the list: a go-to destination for Poker's High-Rollers.

Whether at our 'Featured Tables', or any number of our High Roller MTTs, recs and pros alike have been flocking to GGNetwork recently to get their fix of High Stakes Poker action.

Featured Tables

Our Hold'em and Omaha 'Featured Tables' range from $20/$40, all the way up to $100/$200. Thanks to our global player pool, these games run around the clock, and involve players of all backgrounds and skill levels. The only constant is the exorbitant amounts of cash that regularly trade hands. Fortunes are made and lost in these games on a daily basis, and the action is fast and expensive.

Typical '$100/$200 Hold'em Featured Table' action

And our High Rolling Cash Game players are neither your typical silent nits, nor are they mere extensions of the latest version of PioSOLVER. Social interaction is a key element of these games, as emojis, friendly banter, and needling can frequently be seen. This, combined with the nosebleed action, makes these games a Railbird's wet dream.


For those who favor the prolonged narrative of MTTs over the instant gratification of Cash Games, 'GGS' has you covered. High Rollers will want to get familiar with the huge Sunday schedules, which feature $500, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 buy-in events and guarantees of up to $500,000!

The combined GGS guarantees for the 9 Sunday High Roller events is $2,000,000

Black Series

A subset of the 'Daily Guarantees', our recently launched 'Black Series' consists of daily $160, $250 and $500 buy-in $20,000.00 GTD tournaments. In the short time since its inception, 'Black Series' has cemented itself as a runaway success by all measures. Take for example, yesterday's 'Daily Black $500', which obliterated its $20,000.00 guarantee by 48%.

$29,610 in prizes and $9,200.54 up top in yesterday's '$500 Daily Black'

In fact, the reception for Black Series has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have upped the ante by throwing some $40,000.00 GTD, $1K's into the mix. These 'Daily Black $1K [GGS Edition]' events are set to run everyday during the GGS period (Nov 18-Dec 2).

Main Events

Another subset of the 'Daily Guarantees', our immensely popular 'Main Events' has been beefed up significantly with the addition of a weekly $40,000.00 GTD, $1K event. The 'Sunday High Roller $1K' will be added as a permanent mainstay to the ongoing tournament schedule.

Remember, if these Sunday events are too rich for your blood, satellites will be available 90 minutes and 30 minutes prior to each event.

Brand Exclusive Tournaments

While the aforementioned MTTs have all been of the Network-wide variety, word on the streets is that a few of our partners have been audacious enough to run $5K and $1K buy-in tournaments on a regular basis, and with successful results, to boot. Use the 'Exclusive' filter under the 'Tournament' tab to isolate your operator's 'Exclusive' tables.

So bring a fat stack, don't forget your cojones, and come play at GGNetwork: Home to the High-Rollers.

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