Updated: Sep 12, 2019

With just 7 days to go before GGS, our inaugural Tournament Series, the anticipation in the air is palpable. Our MTT's continue to soar to new heights with tournament traffic at an all-time high, and more events in our ongoing daily MTT schedule than ever before. Even more telling, we already have 100's of runners securing their seats in advance for a shot at the $3,500,00 in guarantees, be it through buying-in, qualifying through satellites, or taking advantage of our '$100,000 GGS Giveaway' promo.

93 runners and counting for GGS Day 1 events

In case you're late to the party, and you're not familiar yet with GGS, look no further. We have the rundown for you below.

What can I win?

The combined guarantee for the 129 GGS events is $3,500,000. In our view, this figure is a conservative estimate of the actual prize pool - we expect fields to be enormous, guarantees to be smashed, and hundreds if not thousands of bankrolls to be launched into the stratosphere.

When is GGS?

Nov 18 through December 2. GGS #001 is scheduled for 12:00 (UTC+0) November 18, while GGS #129 is set for 19:00 (UTC+0) December 2. The super high-rollers will want to clear their Sunday schedules.

How do I enter?

Obviously, everyone and their mothers is ensured a spot in any GGS Event via an old-fashioned buy-in. For the more cost-conscious, we also have an assortment of around-the-clock satellites on deck. Finally, those into freebies would do well to take advantage of our '$100,000 GGS Giveaway'.

Which MTT formats are being offered?

As we often like to say, we have something for everyone. While the majority of the Events are of the standard, full-ring NL Hold'em variety, GGS also features 6-max Hold'em, Hold'em Bounty Hunters, Omaha, and Omaha Bounty Hunters. Buy-ins run the full gamut; from $10 to an eye-popping $25,000.

Where can I see the GGS Events list?

​The entire GGS schedule is visible in both the Desktop and Mobile clients, via the 'GG Series' tab. Check it out and see which events appeal to your tastes, fit your schedule and accommodate your bankroll.

What is the $100,000 GGS Giveaway?

GGS stands for 'Good Games Series'. However, it's also rumored that it really stands for 'Generously Giving Series'. The reason being that during the month of November, we are giving away $100,000 in GGS tickets for free. Yes, free. All you have to do to is meet the cash game hand requirements on a daily and weekly basis.

Are there also more than $220,000 in guaranteed Satellites?

Affirmative. Satellites to almost all events are being offered daily from November 1 through December 2. Peep the entire Satellite schedule via the aforementioned 'GG Series' tab (make sure 'Show Satellites' is ticked in the tournament filter box). Satellites are highly recommended for those keen on maximizing value. For example, a 'Sub Satellite to GGS Championship' only costs $5, whereas the prize money up top for the 'GGS Championship $250K GTD' is at least $42,500, which equates to a minimum ROI of 850,000%!

What's the Championship event?

That would be this badboy right here...

$500 gets you entry into the 'GGS Championship $250K GTD' marquee event. Play any number of our 'Daily Satellites to GGS Championship' Satellites (partially shown on the left), or grind cash games until you are awarded a ticket via the 'GGS $100,000 Giveaway', or sell action with negative markup. Do WHATEVER it takes - you won't want to miss this one. D-22 and already 22 runners lined up.

There can't really be a $25K buy-in event... can there?

Not only does GGS boast multiple $2.5K's, $5K's and $10K's, but there is indeed a $25K in the works also...

If $25K is a little too rich for your blood, we have two $1K satellites, as shown on the left. If that's still outside the limits of your bankroll, you can always come rail the best of the best duke it out in this battle of the MTT titans.

And there we have it, folks.

GGS. $3,500,000 GTD. 129 events. Nov 18-Dec 2. $250K GTD Championship Event.

Don't miss out on this historic event.

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