GGS Satellites

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We have previously mentioned that there will be 3 different ways to gain entry into GGS Events:

  • Buying-in (Nov 18~Dec 2)

  • GGS Giveaway (Nov 1~Nov 30)

  • GGS Satellites (Nov 1~Dec 2)

Buying-in obviously requires ponying up the buy-in amount in its entirety. GGS Giveaway Tickets are absolutely free of charge, however require impeccable shoving skills. GGS Satellites are a hybrid of the two approaches. While an initial investment will have to be made, the amount will be but a mere fraction of the full buy-in amount. Also, while luck is undoubtedly needed, Satellites are much more skill dependent than the All-in Shootout approach of GGS Giveaway, meaning you hold the keys to your fate.

Playing your cards right in the GGS Satellites might even lead to a mind-boggling ROI of 850,000%. Here's how:

  1. Register for the "Sub Satellite to GGS Championship" for a mere $5

  2. Win a Ticket to the "Daily Satellite to GGS Championship", worth $50

  3. Bink the Daily Satellite to earn a $500 shot at the GGS Championship $250K GTD on December 2nd

  4. Take down the GGS Championship $250K GTD for a minimum guaranteed 1st place prize of $42,500

$5 → $50 → $500 → $42,500 = 850,000% ROI!!!

This type of ROI just cannot be found anywhere else, whether in Poker, Crypto, or Equities. For comparison a Bitcoin purchase made 5 years ago today and HODLed, would have yielded a measly 4,258%. Even an IPO purchase of Apple, the first company ever to reach a Market Cap of $1 trillion, would only have garnered a 52,701% return. It is plain to see that this is some historic value we are talking about here.

There will be 5 types of GGS Satellites on offer:

  • Super Satellites have multiple tickets up for grabs, begin 3 hours before target events, and have slow structures

  • Satellites have standard structures and begin 2 hours before target events

  • Final Satellites begin 1 hour before target events, and play as turbos

  • Sub Satellites are feeders to Daily Satellites with fast structures

  • Daily Satellites offer $500 tickets to the GGS Championship $250K GTD, have slow structures, and run twice daily

Some additional tidbits:

  • Total GGS Satellite Guarantee = $228,500

  • Satellite buy-ins start at just $1!

  • We will be hosting a total of 568 Satellites, and 377 unique Satellites

So forget about stressing over your Crypto and Equities portfolio. The best risk/reward opportunity out there is undoubtedly GGS Satellites.

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