Introducing... 金龙 Tournaments

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

While the Chinese online Poker scene traditionally has largely revolved around private Hold'em Cash Games, more recently there has been a burgeoning interest in MTTs. However with local options being limited, this demand has virtually gone unsatisfied. GGNetwork has decided to step in to fill this void and take matters into its own hands, by creating a new Tournament Series primarily geared towards our Chinese contingent, but accessible to all players.

We are pleased to announce that on October 1, we will be launching the 金龙 Tournament Series.

金龙, or Golden Dragon, is an iconic symbol in Chinese culture representing good fortune, strength, and wisdom, certainly requisite traits for any MTT player hoping to make it big.

What is so special about 金龙 Tournaments? -Tournaments will be offered during Chinese prime time (see Time (UTC+8) below), when Chinese traffic is at its peak

-Buy-ins and payouts will be denominated in Chinese Yuan, in order to further appeal to the Chinese demographic

-Tournaments are 8-max (besides 6-max), which is in line with Chinese preferences

-Deepstack Tournaments have been included, as requested by popular demand from Chinese players

What is the 金龙 Tournament Schedule?

We fully expect 金龙 Tournaments to take the Chinese MTT world by storm, come October 1. So channel your inner Golden Dragon and be a part of China's most popular Tournament Series!

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