Innovation : Smart HUD (for Smart Decisions)

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Our underlying philosophy here at GGNetwork has always been "Let's make poker fun again!" In striving towards this ideal, one of our primary focuses was to ensure that players were enjoying themselves by focusing on the Poker, and also that players were on an even playing field. In the past, this meant deterring use of 3rd party software. We are of the belief that just because SharkNinja504 is willing to fork out a pretty penny for some obscure tracking software that displays stats on your river check-raising frequency in a 4-bet pot, and you're more used to playing by gut and feel, you shouldn't be put at an unfair advantage.

However in doing so, certain players accustomed to HUDs may have found our games less stimulating and interesting than they were otherwise accustomed to. Fortunately, we have found a middle ground with the advent of our Smart HUD, GGNetwork's innovative take on Heads-up Displays, which we will be making available to all players on Oct 1. The emphasis here is not on filling the screen with so many numbers you'll go cross-eyed, nor is it on subjective labeling of players. Smart HUD is equal parts simple, intuitive, informative and compelling.

Smart HUD for Cash Games

Luck Factor

You ever have one of those days where you can do no wrong at the Poker Table? Every gutterball gets there; 2-outers are binked on the regular; countless runner-runners are caught. Congratulations, you're running way, way above EV. Here's a 4-leaf clover to commemorate this fortuitous occasion. On the other end of the spectrum, we've all had those dreaded sessions where our Aces crumble into dust; flushes get sucked-out on by full houses; pocket pair vs. overcard races are a dismally foregone conclusion. For your troubles, you get a 1-leaf clover.

Heat Index

A large stack doesn't always equate to a winning session. A player sitting 300bbs deep might be breakeven, after having lost 3 buy-ins, then recouping his losses. The Heat Index, which indicates how much a player is up the current session, should go a long way towards providing a clearer picture of a player's win/loss and current mindset. For instance the player below is scorching hot, meaning he's up at least 200bbs in the current session.

Win/Loss Record

Ever wonder how much you were faring lifetime vs. your Poker nemesis? Well, wonder no more. By activating the Smart HUD Box with a single click, you will not only be able to check the number of winning and losing sessions you've had, but also your lifetime overall win/loss amount vs. anyone at your table.

Biggest Hands

Also present in the Smart HUD Box is a list of 3 biggest hands versus your opponents, with corresponding Hand Moments. Reminding yourself of your biggest hands against opponents provides additional context, makes leveling wars that much more exciting, and undoubtedly adds to the meta-game!

Smart HUD for AoF

All-in %

We also have exclusive stats for our AoF Games. The All-in % shown below is just that: a stat representing how often a player has gone all-in. The player below has gone all-in 55% of the time. This will certainly be a useful figure when considering light calls and opportunistic steals.

All-in % by Position

We didn't just stop there. Those curious about how positionally aware their AoF opponents are can take a quick glance at the All-in % by position tab. For example, the player below is shoving a whopping 72% from the SB!

Smart HUD for Tournaments

Tournament Rank

Tournament players will easily be able to track their current position in the tournament via their Tournament Rank stat. No more having to go back and forth between the Tournament Table and Tournament Lobby. You will clearly be able to see where you stand, as well as where everyone at the table stands.

Total Winnings & Leaderboard Ranking

The Tournament Smart HUD Box will provide information on a player's total Tournament Winnings, as well their current Leaderboard Ranking, saving you the hassle of doing your own investigation on other Tournament players.

Other Tournament Stats

Tournaments will also have their very own Heat Index, and Chip Graphs.

Keep a lookout for the Smart HUD - we will be launching it during our Oct 1 Software Release, along with many more intriguing promotions and features.



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