Phoenix Rebuy Tournaments

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

According to Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a resplendent bird, with magical regenerative powers. The Phoenix may on occasion meet an untimely demise, however, from its ashes, it is reborn, renewed, and always comes back in full force.

We have taken this ethos and applied it to our Rebuy Tournaments, henceforth Phoenix Rebuy Tournaments. In order to compensate for the disadvantage that tournament players are faced with towards the end of the late rebuy period (rebuying with a meaningless starting stack), we will be providing players with the option to rebuy for 300% of the starting stack during levels 11~14.

No longer will late rebuys be a fruitless, -EV endeavor. Those that exercise their right to Double Rebuy, will be fully equipped to face the challenges that come with navigating the late stages of MTTs.

Phoenix Rebuy Schedule

Tournament Details

Starting Stack: 2,500 chips, for 1x buy-in

Single Rebuy: 2,500 chips for 1x buy-in (up to level 10)

Double Rebuy: 7,500 chips for 2x buy-in (level 11~14)

Add-on: 15,000 chips for 2x buy-in (level 15)

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