Dev Q&A Session: Discussing the addition of 9-Ring Tables

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We recently got to pick the minds behind the Development team behind the big update of 9-Ring tables coming soon to GGNetwork on May 28th.

Q: Players from all over the world have grown accustomed to the immensely popular 6-Ring Tables which have become the staple of online poker rooms. Why are you suddenly planning to add 9-Ring tables?

A: As developers, we are always thinking of creating ways to give more power to the players. This may be through adding more game types to provide more options. What a specific player prefers can be vastly different from the types that others prefer. 9-Ring tables generally play a little bit tighter. It also has more players which mean players will lean towards playing a tighter game whereas 6-Ring tables have fewer players making each hand play looser. The pros and cons of the difference between 6-Ring and 9-Ring tables can go both ways. We wanted to create an environment where there's a game type for all kinds of players.

Q: You've touched based on the fact that 6-Ring tables are the staple of online poker. Do you think that the 9-Ring tables are fading away? Why can't you add a different type of game?

A: That's a good point. Although analyzing how the market is trending plays a significant role as well, it all goes back to our original standpoint with regards to creating something for everyone. The critical point here is that we also wanted to target those who were new to poker. We believe the 9-Ring tables create a better way for newcomers to get used to the game of poker we all love. For these folks, they may have watched a game of live poker on Twitch or television, and thus become more familiar and comfortable with the 9-Ring tables which are the offline norm. When you're a beginner, you're not sure about where and when to 3-bet, which becomes increasingly more difficult and possibly occur more often in 6-Ring games. The traditional 9-Ring games are more straightforward and a little bit less aggressive, making it easier for those making the transition to online poker for the first time.

Q: How will 9-Ring tables have an effect on GGNetwork?

A: We believe the fact that we are catering to all types of players will affect not just newcomers but those who were originally unfamiliar with 9-Ring games to give it a try. Even if you may not like 9-Ring tables, there are the 6-Ring tables that you want to play. And vice versa, if you're a newcomer who loves 9-Ring tables, perhaps trying our 6-Ring games may be something you'd like to do later down the road. A player must first find excitement and fun in a game they would want to play. We addressed this by adding 3-blind tables with antes to specific Hold'em cash games in the upcoming update. If bigger pots and more action is what you wanted, then they're here in this form. The 9-Ring tables create another added plus for newcomers making the online poker transition.

Q: You've mentioned the 3-blind tables with antes, which sounds like an interesting tweak now offered at 9-Ring tables. How will this affect the overall table dynamics of Hold'em?

A: We've already pointed out that the 6-Ring tables play a bit more loose and aggressive, which may be a bad thing for new players. 6-Ring tables are difficult to get acclimated and so to offset this, we've added 3-blind tables with antes to the 9-Ring tables because a third blind will mean they play more often, which ultimately goes back to our theme of making poker fun again. We want new players to have fun. Also, these tables will create huge pots and induce more action. In turn, this will create a synergy between the 6-Ring and 9-Ring players by attracting a bigger playing field.

Q: Will you be able to disclose some of your plans for the future?

A: Sometimes the answers can't be found by merely introducing new games. It's our job to find ways to improve upon our games to make poker fun again. This requires diligence to the smallest of details, and there is always room for improvement. With that said, we have plans to bring a more exciting jackpot experience by adding the Flush Jackpot element in June, where players will pocket extra cash by hitting a flush. With the addition of our May and June updates, we want to create a more immersive mobile experience because the desktop experience cannot be expected to translate seamlessly over to the mobile experience. With the necessity to play on mobile devices on-the-go already an absolute must, we also have plans to make special tweaks to mobile to create a comfortable, but more importantly fun time for our players.

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