9-Ring Hold'em cash games coming soon to a table near you

Those who are new and veteran players of the online poker industry may already be familiar with the debate surrounding the difference between shorthanded and full ring cash games. As 6-Max tables have grown immensely popular online, others still prefer the traditional full ring cash games, which may be because they are the standard in live poker events. Although many may only see the difference in table size, there are more differences between the two than meets the eye.

Right off the bat, there is a glaring difference in how the two games are played due to the issue of starting hand selection. Full ring or 9-ring cash games allow players to play more conservatively because they get to see more hands and do not have to pay for blinds as frequently. In shorthanded games, the starting hand values go up quite a bit, which in turn, forces players to play more hands aggressively merely because one is dealing with fewer players and the need to win with marginal hands becomes ever more critical. Apart from these factors, there are many more that come to mind that separate the two formats such as position betting style, bluffing, value betting, and variance. Ultimately, what players prefer boils down to their playstyles and whether or not they crave more action.

On May 28th, GGNetwork is about to introduce 9-ring tables to our NLH cash game offering to provide more variety in selection to the players. And it's simply not one table that's being added, but an unprecedented six more tables to boot! Don't just sit on the rail, but see first-hand how these will be sure to draw a bigger recreational crowd looking for a more traditional deep stack experience. Be sure to check out the table below for the details. Also check out our previous blog post on more Featured Tables coming soon to Hold'em.

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