$11K Monster Pot of the Week at NLH $25 / $50 Featured Table

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Last week's biggest Hold'em pot occurred at our Hold'em $25/$50 Featured Table! Here's how the action went down.

On the preflop, the Button made a small initial raise of 2BB to which the Hero followed with a 6BB re-raise. Both the Villain and the Button called the Hero's bet. The flop came 6d, 4d, 9s and the Hero led out with a 13.5BB raise as it appeared that one had hit top pair with a K high kicker. The Villain simply called the raise slow-playing one's Airlines. But the tides would turn on the turn as the Hero would hit top two pair. The Hero led out with a $1,125 raise, and the Villain would again just called the raise. On the river, the Hero confidently led out with a hefty $3,375 raise and the Villain would call possibly thinking that the Hero was bluffing. And so it would be that last week's biggest Hold'em pot would go to the Hero for a total of $11,250!

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