A $200K Hold'em Festival coming your way in June!

We have been pushing some exciting promotions on a monthly basis for your players, and the festivity is not about to stop any time soon!

In June, we will run a $200K Hold'em Festival with a guarantee of $200,000 that your players won't want to miss! The news coincides with the upcoming addition of more Featured Tables and tables from low to high stakes coming to Hold'em cash games on May 28th.

It will be a points-based promotion involving only Hold'em cash games (Note: It will not include AoF Hold'em games).

All players will have to do is play Hold'em cash games for a chance to win their share of the $200K prize pool.

Here's the rundown!

- The promotion will run from June 1 ~ 30.

- For every $0.01 rake generated at a Hold'em table, the player will be awarded 1 point. - The Hold'em cash tables will be divided into four different stakes (Featured, High, Middle, Low) and the points will be summed up separately per stakes.

- For example, points collected from playing in the designated blinds for High stakes will not count towards points accrued from Middle stakes and vice versa.

- For Featured Tables and blinds with antes, your players will be awarded an extra 50% more points while playing at these tables.

- Also, be sure to not miss out on the bonus multipliers of X1.5, X2, and X3 awarded on various specified days as seen in the chart below.

- After June 30, the points will be tallied up for each stake to determine the top players and their share of the prize pool.

We hope that our Hold'emites will seize the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion as they can continue to play at the blinds that they are familiar with as well as at trying out the new 3-blind tables that are about to be introduced!

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