$20K Biggest Hold'em Pot of the Week at our $25 / $50 Featured Table

Last week's biggest Hold'em pot occurred at our Hold'em $25/$50 Featured Table! Let's take a look at how the action unfolded.

Thing started off quietly on the pre-flop as the BTN raised 2BB and the Hero raised it up to 7BB. This was re-raised up to 15BB by the Villain in the Big Blind position, the BTN folded, and the bet was called by the Hero in the Small Blind position.

The flop opened to a 3d, Qc, and 9h. The Hero checked top pair with an Ace kicker to the Villain who missed the flop and checked as well. The Turn came a 2h, to which the Hero led off with a 16BB bet. The Villain who again missed the Turn made a valiant bet of 64BB to which the Hero again called. The River came a 5d, which was of no help to either, and the Hero checked it back to the Villain. The Villian, in a precarious situation, made the decision to make a huge bet of 160BB trying to knock out the Hero. The Hero wouldn't have it, and made the all-in call for the rest of one's stack to show top pair with Ace kicker. The Hero's call netted $20,410 from our $25/$50 Hold'em Featured Table. Come experience the thrilling highs and lows of our Hold'em games, and who knows, you may be the next in line to win the biggest pot of the week!

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