Daily Mission Progress Report

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

This just in. Only a little over two weeks into the newest promotion launched by GGNetwork, Daily Mission has taken the drab promotion scene by storm, and it is no surprise that it has quickly become a player favorite. Players just can't get enough! They are finding the daily missions refreshing and unique, but most of all fun. Staying true to GGNetwork's "let's make poker fun again" theme, it has bucked the industry trend to bring a creative and engaging promotion that is different from others in the current market. Here's an up-to-date recap of the results:

- More than 300 players have claimed their Day 3 prize

- More than 50 players have claimed their Day 7 prize

- Four players have already claimed their Day 15 prize and counting!

GGNetwork would like to congratulate the following four players who have completed 15 consecutive missions and claimed their $150 instant cash prize! For the sake of anonymity, the full nicknames will not be disclosed. da****** Fa******* Bs**** Ko***** The next question that comes to mind is who will become the first player to climb to the top and complete 30 consecutive daily missions? As players are hoping for more missions down the line, they will be excited to learn reports have indeed confirmed that their wishes may come to fruition. We just can't wait to experience what new variety of fun missions that GGNetwork has in store for us. For more details regarding the Daily Mission promotion, click here.

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