PokerCraft: Staking Badges for the True Generals!

It is no secret that buying a stake from the right competitor is critical in tournament staking. But did you know that the badges on staking profile can help you make a good decision?

Each badge indicates a significant achievement made by the seller over the course of their actions in our poker room.

Issued to a player who has won a tournament

Issued to a player who has reached ITM 10 times

Issued to the top 10 leaderboard winners of each month

Issued to a player who has entered 100 tournaments

So why don’t you try the tournament staking today? Our In-house Staking is another thrilling way to enjoy the tournament actions, and it only takes a few simple clicks! More importantly, there is no fee for the action!

Now you're all set - visit the tournament to witness the live action, or simply wait for the result to be delivered to your inbox. Either way, in-house staking will bring you the excitement that you have never experience in other poker rooms!

For more information about In-house Staking, please click here.

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