Biggest pot of the week - $13,305.25! (Week of 23 October 2017)

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The biggest pot of the week occurred at an Omaha $25/$50 table.

On the Pre-flop, it was CO who made the first raise with pocket pairs of 7 and 9. Three other players called brewing up an interesting pot of $3K. As the Flop was unveiled, the SB opened with $3K showing confidence with his Cowboys with the possibility of a club flush draw. Thereafter, the Hero shoved and the pot quickly escalated to $13,305.25 with the remaining two players calling.

The excitement continued to grow with an Ace appearing on the Turn, giving the Hero a strong two-pair while the SB remained alive with the opportunity to hit a King on the River.

However, a blank 6 was revealed on the River, and the Hero breathed a temporary sigh of relief going on to collect all the chips at the table. A big congrats goes out to the winner of the week’s biggest pot!


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