Biggest pot of the week - $19,082.97! (Week of 16 October 2017)

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Sometimes a bold move can bring a victory as this week’s hero made a choice with a respectively weaker hand.

The action started early as only one player folded when the pre-flop round began. The BB made it even more interesting by raising one's option bet and three other players called thereafter. The Flop was not too promising for the Hero with no made hand while SB had two pairs and BB had a pocket Aces.

However, the Hero was courageous enough to raise and the 2 players followed to make the pot around $20K. As a 3 of Spades rivered the board, the tables were turned. It was the Hero who had the last laugh with a baby straight to win the biggest pot of this week.


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