Network Status

Ever wonder if your connection to the server is stable or not? It's an important question that many would like the answer to because quite frankly, a stable connection is always the fundamental factor for playing your favorite games.

Something that you may have missed is our 'Network Status' feature, which allows players to check their network connection. This neat tool can be easily accessed by clicking on the 5-bar connection symbol found in the bottom right hand corner of the software client right in-between the Support feature and the Date/Time. With the naked eye, the color and number of bars can tell you the status of your network connection. But did you know that clicking on it will bring up a pop-up window with more details? These details are right at your fingertips and easily available for you to peruse.

To take it one step further, you will be able to save this log file so that you can send it to the Technical Support team to help assess and assist you with your inquiries. What are you waiting for? Go take advantage of this tool!


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