Ambassador Pedro Oliveira finishes 11th Place in WSOP Main Event

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Ambassador Pedro Oliveira mustered all he could to make it to the final table of the 2017 WSOP Main Event, but it was not yet his time to be. Oliveira raised from the hijack for 1,500,000 and his lone opponent John Hesp called from the big blind. Hesp flopped a flush on the flop, to which both checked, and an ace on the turn made two pair for Oliveira, who bet 2,200,000. Hesp check-raised and Oliveira reraised all-in. The river was no help to Oliveira, and he ended in 11th place for $675,000. This would be the biggest live cash finish for Pedro Oliveira in his first WSOP Main Event, which is no small feat.

We'd also like to congratulate ambassador Laurence Grondin who also cashed-in for $17,243. Grondin was down to her last 50,000 with just 20 players left before the money. She miraculously picked up two pocket aces before the bubble burst to cash in at 788th place.

Honorable mentions go out to our ambassadors Casey Jarzabek, Danny Noseworthy, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim, and Danny Tang for their gutsy efforts in this year's WSOP Main Event.


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