03/07/2017 Release Notes

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

1. Introducing our new Floor Manager feature with convenient Group View and Move Table functions! When you click the Join button from Group View, you will be quickly seated at a table with the blinds of your choosing at random. This allows you to save time and join a game without having to manually choose one from the game lobby list. The Move Table function allows you to be automatically seated at another table when a seat opens up. For more info, click here.

2. Player Notes will now be able to be uploaded to the server. (Note: Only for PC.) We understand that it was quite inconvenient that you couldn't access your notes from a different PC. Players can now save all their Player Notes onto the server so that they can access them from any PC of their choosing! 3. The percentage requirements for All-In Insurance to be prompted has changed from 66.7% to 65%. We have tweaked the percentage requirements in the best interest of the players. ==Future Updates== [Scheduled to be released in 17 July 2017] Tournament Dollar (T$) and its respective Tournament Builder Series to be released. For more info, click here. [Planned to be released in August 2017] Player Notes to be added to Mobile and Mac clients [Planned to be released in August 2017] Web client to be launched


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