Introducing our new T$ currency

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

[Release Date: 17 July 2017]

Tournaments in sports or in any competition for that matter have always pitted a relatively large number of contestants against one another to see who comes out on top. For some, it takes years of honing one’s craft to even get the opportunity to compete in a tournament, let alone make it to the final tournament game. Let’s be frank, tournaments are where we give our respects to the ultimate winner, because getting there is a long, grinding process. The nature of poker tournaments is no different. It’s where winning really pays off. A dash of skill and a bit of luck can turn a small buy-in into a significant amount of cash in just a couple of hours. As we all know from the Chris Moneymaker cinderella story, getting to the main event like the World Series of Poker is no easy task. In the realm of online poker, there are numerous types of tournaments ranging from shootouts to bounty tournaments. However, when players win a ticket prize, they may have found themselves in a dilemma where the corresponding prize may not have interested them. Come July 17th, the introduction of our new currency called Tournament Dollars (aka T$) will no longer put players with such a quandary, because now they will have more flexibility to use T$ to enter any tournament of their choosing. Further, T$ can be used to buy action for staking or to register for our Fortune Spin games. Don’t have enough T$ to enter a tournament? Don’t worry because now you have more freedom to use a combination of T$ and cash when registering for tournaments. So how do you obtain T$? You will be able to earn T$ only at our new tournament variant called T$ Builder. This special tournament series runs every 30 minutes with buy-ins of $1, $2, $4, and $8 and its respective prize payout will only be offered in T$. There is no fee for the T$ Builder buy-ins and 100% of the buy-ins will be accumulated into the prize pool, which will differ based on the the total number of registered players. In addition, the minimum required number of players is only 2, which will give you more opportunity to participate! You will find the T$ payment option only where it is available for use, such as the tournament, staking, and Fortune Spin buy-in windows respectively. To check your T$ balance, go to ‘Account > Balance Status’ page by accessing the software.


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