12/06/2017 Release Notes

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

1. We have given our Mobile Tournament lobby a new face-lift! We have tweaked the tournament lobby's user interface to make it easier for players to keep track of tournaments that are running, registering, completed, and in late registration. The tournament filter button has also been moved to the bottom right corner for easy access!

2. Tournament Filter now moved to the bottom right corner of the mobile screen.

We understand that having to scroll through the numerous tournaments to find the tournament you want can make your thumbs quite sore. That's why we have moved the Tournament Filter button from the top right to the bottom left hand corner of the mobile screen for ergonomic reasons. The filter button is now bigger and the pop-up window larger!

3. The Tournament Information drawer has also gotten a much awaited change! The user interface of the Tournament Information section has also been given a face-lift. All the important information you may need that is easier to spot and differentiate. More tournament details that are neatly organized and easily accessible with a single swipe!

==Future Updates== [Scheduled to be released in 3 July 2017] Floor Manager - Auto Join and Move Table features to be added [Planned to be released in July 2017] Player Notes to be added to Mobile and Mac clients [Planned to be released in July 2017] Web client to be launched


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