01/05/2017 Release Notes

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

1. A Time Bank will pop-up when All-In Insurance is offered. This will allow the user more time to contemplate choosing All-In Insurance!

{PC Client View}

{Mobile Client View}

2. Fortune Spin will be available for Mac. Now players will be able to enjoy our Fortune Spin game on the Mac.

3. VIP Room will be available for Mac. VIP eligible players will now be able to play in the VIP Room for Mac.

4. Brands with External Wallets will be able to view the Transaction History. Players of brands with external wallets will now be able to peruse their transaction history by clicking a button in the client, which will open up a browser with the corresponding information.

==Future Updates== [Planned to be released in June] Floor Manager - Auto Join and Move Table features to be added

[Planned to be released in July] Player Notes to be added to Mobile and Mac clients


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