Guaranteed and distributed to the players every month


worth of Network Promotions across all our Poker Games


Promotions every month

Weekly Mission

keeps players coming back for more!

Weekly Mission injects excitement and purpose to the regular poker grind, by challenging players with fun and easy missions to complete.

Everyday players are presented with a choice of 3 missions to choose from. They may be as simple as "Be dealt AA in Hold'em". 5+ successfully completed missions over the course of a week earns players a free seat in the weekly Mission Complete $5,000 Freeroll.


Players will be eager to check their missions every day, for their shot at $5,000 every week!

Tournament Leaderboard

$100,000 in giveaways every month!

An ongoing promotion geared towards Tournament players, encouraging players to get their grind on, which appeals to their competitive nature.

Tournament Leaderboard Points ("TLP") are awarded to players for participation in our diverse array of tournaments. During the course of the month, players accumulate TLP, and can track their progress via the Tournament Leaderboard, which is visible to all.


The Tournament Leaderboard allows for friendly competition, as well as a shot at the monthly $100,000 prize pool.

Monthly Race

up to $200,000 awarded every month!

Every month GGNetwork offers a host of different race promotion to reward your players. Prize pools range from $10,000 to $200,000.

Races span Hold'em, Omaha, and AoF, and come in several shapes and sizes. Just a few examples of our monthly races:

  • Point Race

  • Point Chase

  • Straddle Race

  • Insurance Race

  • All-In Race

Monthly Races encourages players to put in extra hours and extra hands, with the allure of nabbing up to $200,000 in prizes!

Big Hand Jackpot

your big hands just got bigger

The Big Hand Jackpot rewards players with the courage to give statistical probability the middle finger and are willing to go for glory. 


What’s more, you don’t even have to win the hand at showdown! Matter of fact, you don’t need to win the hand at all. All it takes is a top-3 ranked hand (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush), in order to be eligible for the Big Hand Jackpot.

All-In or Fold Jackpot

shove your way to the bank!

We have spiced up our one-of-a-kind All-in or Fold games, available for both Hold'em and Omaha, by allowing players to strike it BIG!


Much like the game of AoF itself, AoF Jackpot rules couldn't be any simpler. In order to hit the jackpot, all you have to do is make the following hands, using both of your hole cards:

  • Hold'em

Straight Flush

  • Omaha

Royal Flush

Once the Jackpot has been hit, your players are instantly awarded with cash prizes!

Chinese Zodiac Freerolls

freerolls every 2 hours

Chinese Zodiac Freerolls are free to enter for all players, are on offer every 2 hours, and have a guaranteed prize pool.


A custom avatar and a Turbo Satellite to the Bounty Hunters $31.50 ticket are awarded to the first place winner. The second and third place winners are awarded a Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $10.50 ticket, respectively.

These tournaments aid in maintaining retention rate, and appeal to the penny-pincher demographic.


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