Unmatched Utility for Your Customers

Staking allows your players to invest directly in others by buying a percentage of their ‘action’; a proportion of the cost of their entry fee into a tournament with an added player-determined mark-up (or margin).

Unique to GGNetwork, our staking system is integrated directly into your poker app and is the first of its kind. With a visually-appealing user interface for buying and selling action within the tournament lobby, your players can quickly and easily set themselves up for backing or get behind other players that they think will win.

Your players can also back their favourite GGNetwork Ambassadors by buying a piece of their action, making them more accessible than ever in a tangible way. Their success can be your player’s success.

GGNetwork does not charge players a fee for using the staking feature, whether they buy or sell action.

Once a player opts to sell their action, their ‘Staking Profile’ page will be accessible to potential backers. This page provides info on the Tournament Performance records of the seller.

How It Works

The ‘Staking’ tab is found in the tournament lobby of all eligible events. Staking is not available for Rebuy/Add-on tournaments.

In tournament lobby, simply click "Sell My Action" or "Buy Action" to participate in tournament staking.