Sergey Rybachenko

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$1.5 Million in Live Events Winnings

37th : Russia All Time Money List

Various SCOOP and FTOPs Titles

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About Sergey

Sergey started his career as a professional athlete then moved to sports betting.
After 10 successful years of foreseeing the future, he decided to switch to Poker in 2005. He made $500,000 online and reached his first Million within a year!


Date of Birth: Jan 15, 1974 

Relationship Status: Married (Alexandra Usoltseva)

Preferred Game: No Limit Hold’em

Fun Fact: Sergey weighted 1 Million US dollars following a discussion on a poker forum (the actual weight appears to be 13,75 kg)

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More about Sergey Rybachenko

Sergey created several poker events and the famous Gipsy poker team.

He backed Ivan “Soul” Demidov when he finished 2nd in the WSOP Main Event for more than $5 Million.


He also brought Open-Faced Chinese Poker (OFC) over to Russia and even invented his own variant of the game! Even crazier, Sergey's wife (Alexandra Usoltseva) is the official Open-Faced Chinese World Champion that she won in Prague in 2015!